Nurse Betty BScN (cand)

Nurse Betty BScN (cand)

I am a 36 year old mother of 2. I entered university in 2005 for the BScN program but had no idea what a roller coaster ride it would be. My other interests are boating, cottaging, gardening, sitting, doing nothing, vegging and of course hard core belly button contemplating.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


Exams are upon us! First is research then patho, then psych, then theory. Luckily I didn't take an elective this semester so I don't have one of those stupid distractor exams to worry about. I am worried about the research and patho of course, psych and theory are hit or miss, doesn't matter how prepared I am for those exams if I can't read english that day then I am sunk.

I had my last day at the hospital on Friday. Miss B is very sick, one of the nurses said her doctor said she will probably only be around another couple of weeks. Very sad, she has 3 kids and is only 2 years older than me. I am sad that I won't be in the hospital again until January. I still don't know where I am being placed. That frustrates me to no end. Why can't they be a little more timely with that info?

Anchors have started the countdown to School holidays! I have to admit, so have I. I am really looking forward to a nice relaxing holiday. Well, no holiday until I get these exams out of the way so back to the books.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I am sooooo sorry that I have not been keeping up with my blog! I have been sooo busy and have so much to tell. School has been a whirlwind. I refer to this time as the assignment to exam snowball. I had midterm exams followed by assignment hell and now I am heading into exams again. I didn't do too well on my psych and research exams (a B- and a C :o( ), maybe if I had studied! BUT!!! I aced my patho exam with a solid A! Things have just spiraled out of control it seems but I am on top of things now and have a very brief moment to breath before exams start up again on Dec.6.
My clinical placement has been amazing! Very challenging but I am absolutely loving it! After having a revolving door of different patients each week (unlike my classmates who were having the same patients each week so they could really get into a routine) I finally have the same two ladies. One is a sad lady, 75 years old, failure to cope. I spend a lot of my time with her coaxing her to eat and coaxing her to drink and some days just coaxing her to open her eyes and sit up. The other lady is only 2 years older than myself at 39, Miss B has cervical cancer which has spread but they haven't determined just where yet. She is also schizophrenic. Apparently she had been diagnosed 2 years ago but didn't do anything about it until 6 months ago when she collapsed in a mall. Both are very sad and very emotional stories. Neither of them have any seriously difficult medical things that I have to perform but the emotional dealings with them are intense. I have requested to stay with them until I am finished on that floor - next week is my last week there, wow, where did the time go?
Hey, funny thing today! So the resident comes in today to give Miss B her Ativan push, she checks the IV site and calls me over, she asks me "does that look like blood to you?" okay, dude, I'm a second year nursing student! you're asking me? I look, and say "yes I do believe that is blood, and it looks as though whoever last did the push did not lock the line" she says, "wow, you're right! what do you think I should do?", uh, dude did I mention that I am a second year nursing student? I say "well, I think you should maybe flush it?" she says, "yeah, that's a good idea, I'll flush it" okay, now, I'm not sure if she was messing with me or what but c'mon! I was just pleased that I was able to identify the right arm from the left one! That was good times!!!

So the last time I wrote I told the sad tale of my old dog. We cried and hugged one another for a while but then we dried the tears and realized that if we didn't get a dog soon we were going to all start taking turns pretending to be dogs. So the husband and I went to the pound and we brought home a 2 year old Husky who ironically was given the same name as the old girl - Maggie. I ask you, who names a Husky Maggie? She had been picked up as a stray and had no intention of going by the name Maggie so we changed it to Souka. Our new girl is the absolute love of our days!!! She was just what this tear stained mixed up house needed. She has us all doing a jig!

How cute is she I ask you? I will leave things here. I promise to try and be a better blogger.
Take care and uh, did I mention I'm a second year nursing student?

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I finished my midterms yesterday. Patho went well (I think) but the adult psych was a complete crash and burn. I admit I didn't study very much at all for the exam but aside from that I hate exams that don't test knowledge of concepts but rather test how well I can regurgitate what researcher said what. That was what most of the exam was~stupid! In any event it is over and I am glad.

So Boy Anchor is dressing up as a silent film director, we made him a megaphone and everything and Girl Anchor is dressing up as a pirate, she looks so cute! The Husband has to work tonight which is a drag, he usually takes them trick or treating and I stay home and dispense candy, this year they will go with friends. Things are still kind of wierd since his little bout of insanity, we are working at it though, slowly and one day at a time.

Now the sad stuff, Half Dead Wonder Dog is All Dead now. We had her put down on Saturday. She had gone for 2 weeks without eating and had drank very little. She was not walking at all and her eyes had that look of "I'm done". Last week when I returned from the hospital and tried to spoon feed her and cleaned up a mess I realized I was doing all the same stuff to her that I was to the patients in the hospital. Palliative care for my dog! We are very sad. Boy Anchor is especially sad, he cries at the drop of a hat and over the funniest things, Sunday at dinner he broke down because her head wasn't on his lap begging. I cried last night when I vacuumed because I watched all the little white hairs get sucked up. Sunday morning I actually forgot and came downstairs in the morning to put her out and couldn't find her, I actually looked outside to see if someone else had put her out and forgotten to bring her back in. The vet cried buckets, she stayed with her for a very long time and held her head, she said to us that she had always hoped that we would never ask her to do that to the old lady, but in the end she was glad that she was the one and not some stranger, she had been the old girl's vet for 14 years. I honestly thought that I would never be the kind of dog owner to do it either, but man she had deteriorated so much, she was barely functioning and it was in the end the humane thing to do. We were also afraid of The Anchors coming downstairs in the night and finding her. The Husband and I stayed with her but in the end I think only I should have, Husband was a mess. My old girl was a constant companion for 16 years. She was with me during every life altering change and I will miss her terribly.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Where does the time go?

Holy Smokes! it is almost November. Where did the past 2 months go? I have been busy trying to learn all the material that I should have been learning while my life was falling apart because I am in the midst of midterms. 2 down 2 to go. Plus a couple of assignments.
So to recap, the last entry, I spoke of a patient who had the VAC machine on her wound. So we got to watch the changing of the dressing. Man that was something else. It turned out that the person who dressed it before skipped a step and the special sponge that goes on the wound was totally stuck to the exposed tendon. The nurse could not get that sponge off for love nor money, so they had to call the wound care specialist in. She went ballistic but she was able to get the sponge off. When she did what we saw was the wound which was 22cm long. The skin was working its way back together but the tendon was left on the outside of the wound. The specialist said that it was highly likely that the wound would close the tendon out and seeing as it was most likely dead now, the plastic surgeon would cut the tendon. The tendon was about the width of my finger and was all white. There was very little blood as the wound was really very closed. It was amazing to me how stoic the patient was during the entire thing, now granted she had been given a good dose of hydromorphone just 30 minutes prior.
Other update. Betty went on a date. Yes that's right, I went on a date with a guy that I met, he was 6'7". I came to his armpit. He was very charming and cute and there was a moderate amount of chemistry. Anyhoo, Dead Weight caught wind that I was going out and he spent the entire evening text messaging me. It's amazing what a little jealousy can do to get someone to wake up and smell the coffee, actually he had been sniffing around for a couple of weeks. Long and short of it is, with great reservations, I have decided to let Dead Weight pretend to be The Husband again. That is if he can keep it in his pants! We have been working a lot on his/my/our issues and we are trying to move forward, which is very hard given both of our schedules. Cross your fingers for old Betty that I come out of this alive and sane. The Anchors are ecstatic!
Half Dead Wonder Dog is very grim, she has not eaten for over a week. The vet is on call and we believe we may be putting her down very soon. We are very sad by this, but we just aren't doing right by her anymore, we are really keeping her around because we can't bring ourselves to face reality.
Well, that's it for now, gotta hit the books,
Take care

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Tattoo mission accomplished

So what do you all think? It is hard to get the full effect of the detail in the little guy but he is SOOOOO cute. When it is all healed up I will take another pic and post it. It hurt SOOOOO bad too. The artist said that she has one where I have mine and she said it was the second most painful one that she ever had, the first being the one on her neck and I asked her if that was why the one on her neck was just an outline and she said "oh yeah". I am so pleased with him. I think I'll name him Benny.

So today I had a patient with the coolest wounds. She has Peripheral Vascular Disease and as a result has 2 huge wounds on her leg. The one that I got to change the dressing on her leg was so cool. I removed the top dressing, pulled out the Mesalt and started cleaning the tunneled wound. I looked into the wound and looked up at the RN, who was smiling at me. She said what do you see in there? I described this white thing with black lines on it, she asked what I thought it was and I said I had no idea. She then explained that she had a vascular prosthesis and what I was looking at was an artificial artery. Apparently when the Mrs. B originally came it no one knew that she had this, the etiology of her wounds were unknown. The first time a very experienced nurse was cleaning the wound she thought it was a bit of gauze that had been left in there and actually tried digging it out, she then realized that it was just too perfect. After a consult they discovered that she had this prosthesis. The history given by the patient and her sister was very incomplete and they are finding out new things about this lady every day.
The other wound that she has is about 6 inches long, it runs the front of her shin. It is hooked up to a Vacuum-Assistance Closure machine. We get to see the dressing change on that tomorrow, I am so psyched! I'll let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

tomorrow is tattoo day!!!

Okay, so I have finally worked up the balls to go and get the tattoo. I am getting a dragonfly on a black-eyed susan on my lower abdomen off to the side. I was concerned about distortion in that area with weight gain/loss and the gal said nothing to worry about where I have selected because even if my weight fluctuates in that area, it would be such a gradual process. I am really excited, I was talking with the tattoo artist and told her practically my whole life story in 5 minutes, she said that a dragonfly is perfect then because they symbolize rebirth. Wish me luck! I'll be sure to post a picture.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Happy Turkey Day

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I have decided not to cook a turkey, I actually bought one and gave it away. I will cook a chicken though. Seems like too much effort this year. Anyhoo, gobble, gobble everyone. I am now going to attempt to read all the boring research/statistics reading that I have not read for the past 5 weeks.