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I am a 36 year old mother of 2. I entered university in 2005 for the BScN program but had no idea what a roller coaster ride it would be. My other interests are boating, cottaging, gardening, sitting, doing nothing, vegging and of course hard core belly button contemplating.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

and the beat goes on

So I am still in hell, the husband still is on his way out of my life, and naturally he has someone waiting for him to go to. Some tall beautiful blonde, which was once the description used for me but now I am just the demanding wife. That is all I am going to say about him.

Nursing talk: so I did my first 2 days in my new clinical placement. It is a critical care rehabilitation unit. A lot of stroke and accident patients all with multiple physical issues and many with social issues given that it is an inner city hospital. I had a client yesterday, she was an 89 year old who did not speak any english. She originally came into hospital in the beginning of August, she had a stroke, she was treated and sent home, she returned shortly after (Aug 14) because she fell, and had dislocated her shoulder. Her children can't deal with her and she doesn't want to go to a nursing home. Night before last she got out of bed by herself and was incontinent of urine on the bathroom floor and slipped and fell again this time she fractured her elbow of the other arm. I read her chart thinking that she might be a good case study for a reflective paper. Man, this poor woman has been so neglected! She doesn't speak the language at all, an interpreter has been called in only twice in the period that she has been there, there are chart entries such as "grimacing but reports no pain" they aren't even taking into account that perhaps this woman is in pain but can't report it because no one understands her language. Upon admission, her Morse Fall risk rating was a 40 greater than 25 is considered "at risk". She has been labeled at risk for falls but her chart shows no care plan to address that. In my opinion she is also at risk of hopelessness because no one is able to hear what she is saying. I think that some sort of picture board or word board be used so she can tell people basic needs would be helpful. It is one of many frustrating situations that I am sure that I will see in my career. We all get into nursing because we want to improve someone's condition, I suppose sometimes we have to be content just to maintain status quo. In this woman's case I don't think that either has been done.


Blogger hoosier student nurse said...

What country is she from? Somewhere weird that the hospital can't find someone to speak to her? Poor thing. I'm sure your frustrated because we are only students and no one really would appreciate hearing your opinion. Can your clinical instructor do anything? She may think the chart idea is great. I wanted to also know how your dog is. Mine is really scaring me. She coughs and chokes on everything lately and her breath is so foul, like something inside of her is rotten, it's hard to get too close. I don't think it's her teeth because they were just cleaned a few months ago. The weird thing is she just (as I was typing this) walked over to be pet. She never does that anymore! Now she's coughing and drinking again.

10:25 p.m.  
Blogger Betty said...

The woman speaks cantonese which is a common language in this part of the city.

The Half Dead Wonder Dog is still kicking. Her growths are disgusting, they ooze and smell profusely. My house reeks of infected dog boo boos. She is getting more and more incapable of doing the stairs and has had a few accidents in the night. We have been discussing how far we are willing to go before we make a decision. I am just such a basket case right now I am not thinking clearly and one more emotional blow may take me out of commission for good! When it is discussing her it is the only time that I see The Husband shows any emotion. I feel quite convinced that she is the perfect metaphor for my life right now. Thanks for asking. I am sorry to hear that your gal is doing poorly too. Perhaps she got something stuck in her gums, like a bone or something she picked up outside.

3:44 p.m.  
Blogger Mandy said...

How odd. I had a patient who spoke Cantonese just a few days ago -- and that is RARE where I live.

8:30 p.m.  
Blogger hoosier student nurse said...

It's weird the family is so unhelpful. I understood that the Chinese revered their elders and it is unheard of for them to neglect them. I would have thought there would be a family member with her all the time. Maybe they're Americanized.

6:36 p.m.  
Blogger Betty said...

Maybe they are just assholes

7:32 p.m.  
Blogger hoosier student nurse said...

That too

1:25 p.m.  

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