Nurse Betty BScN (cand): I have lost 220 pounds in three weeks

Nurse Betty BScN (cand)

I am a 36 year old mother of 2. I entered university in 2005 for the BScN program but had no idea what a roller coaster ride it would be. My other interests are boating, cottaging, gardening, sitting, doing nothing, vegging and of course hard core belly button contemplating.

Monday, September 25, 2006

I have lost 220 pounds in three weeks

Yep, thats true, I have lost 220 pounds. 10 pounds off my ass and 210 from around my neck. Today was the day that I stepped off the scale and came to the conclusion to cut that dead weight loose. The person formerly known as The Husband will from now on be referred to as Dead Weight. We still haven't told The Anchors, bad planning etc. PLUS the bastard went to Pittsburgh to see Slutface (she's a travelling slut with a show, yep thats right Dead Weight left me for a vapid aging dancer) until Wednesday. True to form too, he hasn't called The Anchors as he promised, man am I going to use that one - but not in how you would think. I won't say anything to him about it, I know he will say "oh sorry I forgot to call" and I will just nod, and say uh huh. Silence drives him nuts EVERY time. Game set match. I have decided that my method of getting under his skin will be by killing him slowly with kindness. I know him so well, he is dying for me to throw things and yell, won't happen. My days of irrational behaviour has stopped today. I am going to be the mature and responsible one here and will come out so far on top he will have to look at my (shrinking) ass to say hello.

So Murphy's Law was alive and well and living here today too. Wouldn't you know it, Dead Weight checks out of his family and The Anchors wake up sick, so I had to scramble to get someone to watch them because I had school and something told me that I had better go. I couldn't get someone until after class had started and I missed the first hour of Patho, wouldn't you know it, there was a pop quiz today that I missed. I went to the prof after class and she wasn't going to let me do it until I used my get out of jail free card and told her my tale. She not only let me take the quiz but she divulged to me that she had the same damn thing happen to her when she was in her last year. I think I actually did ok on the quiz too, I hope so, it would be our first piece of assessment this semester and I need something to boost my ego.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my blogging buddies for your words of support in this ridiculous time in my life. You will never know how much it means to me.



Blogger hoosier student nurse said...

Good for you...kick his ass to the curb. He can hang out there with the gutter whore who is sleeping with a man who has a wife and two kids. Since she has no more morals or values than he does, maybe she'll give him herpes. A girl can dream. I was wondering...what does his family think about all of this? Good for you for sloughing off the weight and for not blowing off school. You and the kids will be fine.

10:39 p.m.  
Blogger Betty said...

His mother is devastated and he hasn't told his sister yet. I think he is hoping that either his mom or I will do it, but I have forbidden his mother from doing it and I refuse, this is his shit to stoop and scoop.

11:18 p.m.  

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